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The Seaside News is non-journalistic, so all content is written and supplied by local people. We act as a medium through which local people can express their point of view, communicate with local people (or even promote their business), without any editorial opinions being imposed on the reader.  The way we receive and publish content has played an integral part in the success of the magazine, and we receive hundreds of contributions from local people every month.


We like to keep a good balance between all the articles and advertising – which we think is a very important factor when considering which local publication to advertise in.  Too much advertising and very little content will result in the reader, at best, just flicking through the magazine – resulting in a poor response to your advert. Content that isn’t relevant to local people won’t be read. Getting the balance right and the content readable and interesting will result in potential customers spending more time reading the magazine and consequently seeing and responding to your advert. We think we have got the balance just about right, but don’t take our word for it – have a look at the latest issue of Seaside News and you decide.


We offer a monthly flyer distribution service with the magazine. The flyers are delivered at the same time as the magazine by our very reliable distribution teams. Contact us for a quote, or for further details see our ADVERTISING PAGE on this website.

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